Afton Shows Booking Review: Presents Awesome New York City Music Showcase

Had a dope time performing at Trash Bar 2/20/14 thanks to Everything was organized and we got on as planned, thanks Amy. Next we’re gonna try the merch, got our designs ready!

afton tickets

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The Education

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WaltGJr presents “What It Is”

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A Change’s Gonna Come

malcolm x

I watched Spike Lee’s “Malcolm X” today and was brought to tears. It was at the end when the assassins unloaded on Malcolm in The Audubon Ballroom. I’ve seen the movie a couple of times but today tears fell a little harder and it was due to a culmination of feelings.

My thoughts were of people who lived and died so that I could be. They lived and died so that I could have life, knowledge, peace, freedom, opportunities and love for who I am and who my people are. I thought about the people who thought of these people as trouble makers or less than them.

I could probably dwell on the fact that many of those who stood up for me as leaders were violently taken away from me. Others jailed, discredited to the point obsolescence or labeled terrorists. My tears were a little more complex than that though.

My tears were for those who may have heard their words or know their story but don’t pass it on. I also was feeling pain for those who have never heard or are deaf to their stories and wouldn’t seek them out. Knowing that the world is in such a dumbed down state that most of us no longer feel there’s much to fight for anymore and nothing greater than ourselves to teach.

Material gain has replaced God, “I got mine you get yours” replaced being our brother’s keeper and some really believe that people won’t change. “You can’t change the world” is what they try to push on me but I say, really? Well, maybe I don’t wanna change the world. Maybe I just want to change the people with enough sense to know that we’re still far from where we could be and we won’t be here forever. Cars, clothes, money, reputations and body will fade away.

Knowledge passed down to generations will last forever. I’m not talking knowledge of hate, death and destruction but of life and creation. It may sound corny to some but I’m still a dreamer. I don’t have time to build on hate. The tears came down for people I love and knowing our history is as rich as the planet we live on. Being Black, African, American, human or however you choose to see it gives me a sense of pride because of all of those who fought for me to be.

I can sit here and bash today’s old and young but I really want to thank The Most High for placing on this earth people who really gave a damn and those that gave all they had so that I can be. I’m going to strive to be better a better me.

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Shout out to Da Beatminerz and Beatminerz Radio crew for a dope weekend. Dj Primetime and myself helped close it out on Sunday and had a blast!! Shout out to Dj Lickashot, Dj Tatt2, Mamawize(and her bomb ass lasagne, good gawd it was delicious!!), Cynical, TerriBerrie, Jessica Estevez, Crazy Dj Bazarro and of course Dj Evil Dee and Mr. Walt…can’t wait till the next one. For more pics peep the facebook page

IMG_1961 IMG_1962

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Live in Switzerland 01/21/2012

Biel, Switzerland at The Coupole Bienne we felt the love and support of real hip hop heads and all I can say is…it was GREAT. Shout out to Dj Foxhound Capsule for bringing us out. Shout out to Dj Wiz and La Base for rocking and shout out to the homies Onur, Hightower, Speedy and everybody who came thru and supported a real live event.

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Keep it real? How about? STFU!!

When do we stop with the dumb ass “keep it real” mentality? I’ve heard all types of dumb ass runaround reasonings for what’s real and what isn’t. Some of us portray images and act dumb when things happen.

For instance, you sell drugs, shoot up and terrorize a neighborhood and when someone calls the cops they’re a snitch. Ok, I thought a snitch would be the person doin’ dirt with you that cops a plea and tells on you to get themselves off. I did not know it was the parent afraid to bring their kids or themselves outside the house in fear of the dangers that lurk when someone decides to shoot at anyone in the vicinity over some bullshit.

We call women bitches without seeing what may cause them to act the way they do at times. A dude will say they need more than one woman but get mad if their main woman gets attention somewhere else and in attempts to save his claim as all man he’ll call her all types of names. Did it ever occur to him that that one woman could encompass all the things the others seem to have? Be it a physical thing how can you not see the human need for a sense of committed intimacy. Women are emotional beings and not everyone wants to share.

Our leaders stand up and speak, we hoot and holler but when they are no longer in the forefront we fall back into our regular routines. There’s not gonna be another Malcolm, Martin, Huey or Marcus. Who says there has to be? Reaching out and bringing up a people doesn’t always involve a bullhorn. A child seeing his parents with sagging pants, cursing and smoking will most likely folllow that pattern. That same child seeing their parents working hard, showing love to their community and helping others will no doubtedly see their sense of worth.

A woman will put on hair, nails, makeup, breast and butt implants and think that makes them prettier. From the outside sure you may improve upon your former selves but did it make you look better or look more like somebody else? Hey, it’s all good right? Some won’t ever let you see them without it. So will anybody truly know who you are? I know, I know, it ain’t about nobody else….

We talk slang to each other but when we’re looking for a job our intelligence and mastery of the english language comes out. Not to say intelligent conversations don’t happen but we’ll converse and move on some bullshit quicker than something that will sustain life. We’ll help those who can help us and push who may need it more to the side. Obsessed with status we’ll promote ourselves to convince others we’re worth listening to and being known even if what we’re talking about is foolishness.

I think the truest rap line I ever heard was by Jadakiss in “Kiss of Death” when he said “you look a nigga in the eye you can tell if he timid”. To me this line is more than a call to be the hardest person on the planet. You really can tell a lot about a person by looking in their eyes.
Whether it’s on a street, business or life level a lot of people who scream keep it real, keep it real fake. Like some say, “real recognize real”, I’d like to add that real recognize fake too.

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Finsta’s 40th

Man oh man, my 40th birthday party at Sutra Lounge NYC was a damn good time. Dj Rob Flow and Dj Evil Dee smashed the turntables and had the dancefloor packed all night. The atmosphere was great and it felt good to see so many good friends come out and enjoy themselves. I wish I could say I remember everything about the night but what was apparent from my hangover the next day, I got twisted. Shout out to Dj Primetime, Dejeanne, Daniibrowneyes, Mike Bellcity, Bundy, Bazarro, Wayneski, Hakim Green(fellow Aquarius), Nena Bleu and Angie, SUYpretty(thanks for the cupcakes), Melissa, AllProHipHop(thanks for filming), Mr.Metasen, Mamalioness, Brownebabe, Ikariusfalls, Myron, Damien, my sister Cheryl, Noxy, the Baker’s girls, Kimmassagenyc(another Aquarius), Daisy, Armando, Liz, Carmen, Lisa R., Five and Lisa, Greg, John and Sutra Lounge, Adonis, Kerron, Collyn, Chevon, Huffy and anybody I may have forgetten that came out.

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No Biting Allowed

Ever since I  started learning music theory and playing the recorder in I.S.383 (thank you Mr. Gigler) I knew music was gonna be in my life forever. From the recorder to the saxophone to making beats and then rhyming, to me making music is like breathing. There are plenty of artists and musicians I could count as inspirations but there’s one thing I never tried to do…imitate.

I’ll admit that it is hard to be inspired by someone and not come away with something of theirs incorporated in your sound but if you plan to build your own sound that addition should be minimal. Nowadays, if a sound or artist is hot it’s inevitable that there will be a multitude of copy cats behind them.  The most recent example without saying a name, peep this flow…”I’m serving raps like burgers, Mickey D’s, you no frill like hamburgers, no cheese”. Okay, I know it’s corny but it’s just an example of how the flow has been bitten by mc’s by the tons.

Even when I wasn’t rhyming I heard “no biting allowed” so I knew the last thing you wanted to do was sound like someone else. Shoot, if you bought the same sneakers around the same time as someone else they would say you were biting. It’s funny, how artists are quicker to jump on a winning formula rather than create a winning formula. Bundy and I vibed off each other but still had our own individual flows. We never set out to do anything but “do us” and I’m pretty proud of the outcome.

I know it’s said that “imitation is the highest form of flattery” but in a culture that thrives on originality, if your existence is founded upon someone else’s style, I find it lame as hell. On the other hand, I can understand being influenced by another artist and building upon a style they created. At least then you aren’t a total leech and were able to expand on it and bring yourself into the picture. Nonetheless, powers that be at radio stations don’t see the need to stray away from regurgitated rubbish and will most likely continue to force feed the public. All I can really say is nuff respect to artists who are original and don’t fold under pressure. Stay original, because real consumers and fans of the culture do pay attention…..Support Good Music!!

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Keep The Show Going

For an artist, a good show means everything and I learned that the hard way at one of my early shows. It was around ’93 and I had my first single “Finsta Baby”. My manager at the time had set it up that I would do 2 shows at this spot called The Muse which used be called Mars. I was supposed to perform one week and come back the next week for the second show.

Okay, the first week was dope, I got through the A and B side of the single with no problem and the crowd was feeling my energy. I get off stage feeling 100 feet tall. The next week comes and now it’s time for show #2. This week I was sick and not really feeling getting in front of the same club to perform. I get on stage, start rhyming and forget lyrics….WHAT? Now I knew this song back and forth but here I am now choking on stage. I was frustrated and let how I was feeling override the fact that I really needed to shake it off and take control of that moment.

In the end I just said “fuck it” and just walked off the stage feeling horrible. When I got off someone told me something that stayed with me ever since, they told me “you had it, you should’ve just kept going”. It was simple and at the time I felt it was easier said than done. Now, the crazy part is I didn’t leave the spot because I wanted to see the next cat that was coming on. That next person….Biggie Smalls….”Look up in the sky it’s a bird it’s a…”, you know the rest. He did “Party & Bullshit” and needless to say he tore it down.

It was a minute before I got over my fuck up. I basically learned from experience (which can be very humbling).  What made me get over that show was a year or so later talking with Jesse West aka 3rd Eye. I knew and listened to his music and to my surprise I find out it was him who talked to me when I got off stage that night. He was rolling with Puff at the time and gave me some interesting tidbits on the commentary that was said when I was on (which I won’t repeat) but I appreciated his insight on the situation.

From then on I took giving a good show seriously. That’s not to say I never fucked up on stage again (which is another story in itself) but it made me see and know regardless of how you feel or situations going on around you, when the lights are on and the microphone is in your hands, don’t let NOTHING kill that moment. The crowd can understand mistakes but not quitting…keep the show going…like they say, practice makes perfect.

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